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Ajamie, Lauren (2020) Using Tag Manager to Gather Usage Details in the Primo New UI. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Argo, Greg (2020) Leganto Workflow Beyond the Basics. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Argo, Greg and Clark, Kristen and Sam, Kelly Ann and Trotter, MAT (2020) It's Complicated: Strategies for Staff Organization, ​List Management, and ​Service Continuity in Leganto Implementations. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Baker, Stewart (2020) Share your expertise: How to write, test, and share Primo customizations that can be used at other libraries. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Baksik, Corinna and Young, Kara (2020) Using Alma-D to Manage Digital Reserves Lending. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Bales, Aaron (2020) The COVID Coaster: Service Changes at the University of Notre Dame. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Barrett, Heather (2020) Rialto at Southern Methodist University. In: ELUNA Learns.

Beach, Erin and Thomas, Nicole (2020) Leganto Engagement Experiences: One Year (and 6 months) Later. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Bibee, Abigail (2020) Comparing Acquisitions Workflows: APIs vs. Import Profiles. In: ELUNA Learns.

Bitter, Colin and Tosaka, Yuji (2020) Customizing Primo VE MARC21 Normalization Rules for Local Display. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Brisbin, Kailey (2020) How to Train for an Alma/Primo Migration. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Buller, Ryan (2020) Creating a Floating Collection in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Carter, Sunshine and Johnson, Michael and Lilyerd, Grace (2020) Auditing Usage Statistics or: What To Do When You Don’t Have Other Work. In: ELUNA Learns.

Celik, Mehmet and Natan, Nili (2020) Exposing Webhooks for Searching External Indexes. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Chan, Ian (2020) Connecting Drupal and Alma. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Davis, Greg and Rossetti, Mike (2020) Utilizing Natural Language in the Library. In: ELUNA Learns.


Eklund, Kristy (2020) Adding Local Electronic Collections in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns.


Fletcher, Alex and Sikkema, Nicola (2020) Responding to COVID: Access via Unpaywall, Digitization, and Rapid ILL. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Fredericksen, Kristen (2020) P2E: Painful to Easy. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Graves, Tonia (2020) Strategies for New and Seasoned Alma Administrators. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Guy, Moriah (2020) Migrations in Motion A High-Level Overview of Strategic Objectives in a Migration Project with a Third-Party Vendor. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Heller, Margaret and Martin, Greer (2020) Digital Collection Data Across the Discovery Landscape. In: ELUNA Learns.


Jones, Bill (2020) Is it fast enough? Tracking Primo Performance using an Embedded User Feedback Widget. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Jones, Bill (2020) Transforming SIS Patron Data Extracts into Alma Compliant XML using Python. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Jun, Marcus (2020) Repository Import Profiles for Resource Management Workflows. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Kiselstein, Yuval and Pate, Davin and Matthews, Jennifer and Haight Sanabria, Sarah (2020) Change is the Only Constant in Libraries. In: ELUNA Learns.

Krebeck, Aaron and Hennig, Tammy and Shields, Joel (2020) Using APIs to Increase Efficiency in a Remote Storage Facility. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Larry, Daricus and Hazen, Teresa (2020) Staying on Our Toes: How the University of Arizona Libraries Has Navigated the COVID-19 Pandemic. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Martin, Chris and Heller, Margaret and Ma, Hong (2020) Managing User Data Lifecycle in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Martin, Pauline (2020) Rialto Development Partner. In: ELUNA Learns.

Morrow, Janet B. (2020) Rialto at Northeastern: Bringing Selection into Alma & into the 21st Century! In: ELUNA Learns.


Natan, Nili (2020) Making Primo Search Engine Friendly. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Nauenburg, Miriam (2020) Scan and Fix: An Introduction to Indication Rules and Normalization Rules in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns.


Ou, Carol (2020) Establishing Withdrawal/Reinstatement Workflows Using Work Orders, Alma Analytics and More! In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Resau, Kaci (2020) Usability Testing & Primo VE Customization for Beginners. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Richards, Talia (2020) Springshare Integration- Primo And Beyond! In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Seguin, John (2020) LibKey 2.0: Simplifying Full Text Access from all Points of Discovery. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Siegel, Tim (2020) Fall in love with ALMA Analytics Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the data. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Singley, Emily (2020) 2020 01 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes. Steering Committee Minutes.

Smith, Dolsy (2020) Optimized Python - For Working with the Alma APIs. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Soleau, Teresa and Allen, David (2020) Preserving Digital Content over Time. In: ELUNA Learns.

Spina, Carli and Rothenberg, Maria (2020) User Testing in a Remote Environment. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Steele, Henry (2020) Selenium: where there is no API. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Stokes, Dustin and Richins, Mike and Jones, Allen and Shechter, Moshe (2020) Partnering and Extending: Examples and new ideas for integrating Atlas products with Ex Libris technology. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Theimer, Sarah (2020) The Good Enough Migration: Balancing Time, Effort and Outcome. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Tokoro, Shoko (2020) Diving into the Wreck: Post-Migration Data Cleanup at UNC Charlotte. In: ELUNA Learns.

Tomren, Holly and Finnigan, Leanne and Gomez, Ligia (2020) Authority Control in Alma: Comparing Workflows and Results. In: ELUNA Learns.

Traill, Stacie and Patrick, Martin (2020) Core Concepts and Practical Techniques for Successful Library Metadata Analysis. In: ELUNA Learns.


Waggoner, Jess and Caldwell, Christy (2020) Through the Looking Glass- Maintaining a User-Centered Approach to Discovery. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Weisman, Josh (2020) Building Cloud Apps on the Alma Platform. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Weisman, Josh (2020) Introduction to Developing Cloud Apps. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


You, Tao (2020) Alma Letter Customization. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.


Zhang, Hui (2020) Primo Troubleshooting: Customize Delivery Tab to Fix a Chrome Bug. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

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