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Singley, Emily (2020) 2020 01 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes. Steering Committee Minutes.

Conference or Workshop Item

Ajamie, Lauren (2020) Using Tag Manager to Gather Usage Details in the Primo New UI. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Argo, Greg (2020) Leganto Workflow Beyond the Basics. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Argo, Greg and Clark, Kristen and Sam, Kelly Ann and Trotter, MAT (2020) It's Complicated: Strategies for Staff Organization, ​List Management, and ​Service Continuity in Leganto Implementations. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Baker, Stewart (2020) Share your expertise: How to write, test, and share Primo customizations that can be used at other libraries. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Baksik, Corinna and Young, Kara (2020) Using Alma-D to Manage Digital Reserves Lending. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Bales, Aaron (2020) The COVID Coaster: Service Changes at the University of Notre Dame. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Barrett, Heather (2020) Rialto at Southern Methodist University. In: ELUNA Learns.

Beach, Erin and Thomas, Nicole (2020) Leganto Engagement Experiences: One Year (and 6 months) Later. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Bibee, Abigail (2020) Comparing Acquisitions Workflows: APIs vs. Import Profiles. In: ELUNA Learns.

Bitter, Colin and Tosaka, Yuji (2020) Customizing Primo VE MARC21 Normalization Rules for Local Display. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Brisbin, Kailey (2020) How to Train for an Alma/Primo Migration. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Buller, Ryan (2020) Creating a Floating Collection in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Carter, Sunshine and Johnson, Michael and Lilyerd, Grace (2020) Auditing Usage Statistics or: What To Do When You Don’t Have Other Work. In: ELUNA Learns.

Celik, Mehmet and Natan, Nili (2020) Exposing Webhooks for Searching External Indexes. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Chan, Ian (2020) Connecting Drupal and Alma. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Davis, Greg and Rossetti, Mike (2020) Utilizing Natural Language in the Library. In: ELUNA Learns.

Eklund, Kristy (2020) Adding Local Electronic Collections in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns.

Fletcher, Alex and Sikkema, Nicola (2020) Responding to COVID: Access via Unpaywall, Digitization, and Rapid ILL. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Fredericksen, Kristen (2020) P2E: Painful to Easy. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Graves, Tonia (2020) Strategies for New and Seasoned Alma Administrators. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Guy, Moriah (2020) Migrations in Motion A High-Level Overview of Strategic Objectives in a Migration Project with a Third-Party Vendor. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Heller, Margaret and Martin, Greer (2020) Digital Collection Data Across the Discovery Landscape. In: ELUNA Learns.

Jones, Bill (2020) Is it fast enough? Tracking Primo Performance using an Embedded User Feedback Widget. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Jones, Bill (2020) Transforming SIS Patron Data Extracts into Alma Compliant XML using Python. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Jun, Marcus (2020) Repository Import Profiles for Resource Management Workflows. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Kiselstein, Yuval and Pate, Davin and Matthews, Jennifer and Haight Sanabria, Sarah (2020) Change is the Only Constant in Libraries. In: ELUNA Learns.

Krebeck, Aaron and Hennig, Tammy and Shields, Joel (2020) Using APIs to Increase Efficiency in a Remote Storage Facility. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Larry, Daricus and Hazen, Teresa (2020) Staying on Our Toes: How the University of Arizona Libraries Has Navigated the COVID-19 Pandemic. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Martin, Chris and Heller, Margaret and Ma, Hong (2020) Managing User Data Lifecycle in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Martin, Pauline (2020) Rialto Development Partner. In: ELUNA Learns.

Morrow, Janet B. (2020) Rialto at Northeastern: Bringing Selection into Alma & into the 21st Century! In: ELUNA Learns.

Natan, Nili (2020) Making Primo Search Engine Friendly. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Nauenburg, Miriam (2020) Scan and Fix: An Introduction to Indication Rules and Normalization Rules in Alma. In: ELUNA Learns.

Ou, Carol (2020) Establishing Withdrawal/Reinstatement Workflows Using Work Orders, Alma Analytics and More! In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Resau, Kaci (2020) Usability Testing & Primo VE Customization for Beginners. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Richards, Talia (2020) Springshare Integration- Primo And Beyond! In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Seguin, John (2020) LibKey 2.0: Simplifying Full Text Access from all Points of Discovery. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Siegel, Tim (2020) Fall in love with ALMA Analytics Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the data. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Smith, Dolsy (2020) Optimized Python - For Working with the Alma APIs. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Soleau, Teresa and Allen, David (2020) Preserving Digital Content over Time. In: ELUNA Learns.

Spina, Carli and Rothenberg, Maria (2020) User Testing in a Remote Environment. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Steele, Henry (2020) Selenium: where there is no API. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Stokes, Dustin and Richins, Mike and Jones, Allen and Shechter, Moshe (2020) Partnering and Extending: Examples and new ideas for integrating Atlas products with Ex Libris technology. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Theimer, Sarah (2020) The Good Enough Migration: Balancing Time, Effort and Outcome. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Tokoro, Shoko (2020) Diving into the Wreck: Post-Migration Data Cleanup at UNC Charlotte. In: ELUNA Learns.

Tomren, Holly and Finnigan, Leanne and Gomez, Ligia (2020) Authority Control in Alma: Comparing Workflows and Results. In: ELUNA Learns.

Traill, Stacie and Patrick, Martin (2020) Core Concepts and Practical Techniques for Successful Library Metadata Analysis. In: ELUNA Learns.

Waggoner, Jess and Caldwell, Christy (2020) Through the Looking Glass- Maintaining a User-Centered Approach to Discovery. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Weisman, Josh (2020) Building Cloud Apps on the Alma Platform. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Weisman, Josh (2020) Introduction to Developing Cloud Apps. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

You, Tao (2020) Alma Letter Customization. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

Zhang, Hui (2020) Primo Troubleshooting: Customize Delivery Tab to Fix a Chrome Bug. In: ELUNA Learns 2020.

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